Terms and Condition

Terms and condition


  1. Bonus is available for new and existing clients of Orfinex.
  2. The minimum deposit required to apply for a 20% bonus is $1000.
  3. This offer is applicable only on Standard Account.
  4. The maximum 20% bonus amount per customer is $2000.
  5. This bonus is losable but cannot be withdrawn.
  6. From the moment of receiving a 20% bonus, it has an expiry within 90 days. Orfinex will remove the remaining bonus amount after 90 days.
  7. If the customer chooses to withdraw the funds from his trading account, then any bonus amount will be withdrawn. However, customers can withdraw the profits generated from trading. In this case, the bonus will not be deducted from the trading account.
  8. This bonus cannot be used in combination with any other bonuses.
  9. Orfinex reserves the right to reject the bonus request from any client as well as correct the trading calculation in the event of any suspected abuse or manipulation of this bonus policy and promotion.
  10. Orfinex reserves the right to withdraw/remove the provided bonus funds if the client will cause any financial harm/damage by hedging the positions with other brokers at the time of using our bonus. In this case, the company has the right to review, cancel and delete the trade orders as well as refuse to continue providing services to the customer by returning the body of the deposit.